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Four Convenient City Café Bakery Locations  >>more
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City Café Bakery Honour System – Self Pay OptionSelf Serve Pay Here terminalIf you have ever visited one of our four City Café Bakery locations, you may have experienced our self-serve honor system option. Put simply, we have faith in humanity, and we value the honesty of our customers, so we give every one of them the option of ordering or selecting the food items they want, and we then leave it up to them to put the correct amount of cash in the self-serve ‘Pay-Here’ terminal (actual fare terminal from a retired trolley). To make it easier, we’ve rounded all of our items to the nearest quarter. And, if you need change, just ask. We’re happy to provide it. All applicable taxes are included in the posted price.Green Bar
City Café Bakery Friendly Self-ServeFair Trade CoffeeWe offer the convenience of self-service. Come in, pour yourself a coffee, prepare yourself a bagel, fresh out of the oven, and if you have the right change, throw it in the self-serve pay terminal. But if you need change, we will gladly give it to you.   yellow bar
City Café Bakery Friendly Full-ServeService with a smoileBlack Bar
Montreal-Style Bagels with a Waterloo County Twist!Montreal -Style BagelsWhat’s the twist? We took out the eggs and added rye flour for added moistness. Our bagels are baked fresh daily along with a wide selection of breads, buns, croissants, squares and tarts. >>See more of what we make
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City Café Bakery Wood Fired Pizza!Lancaster oven…by-the-slice during lunch hours, and Pizza-to-go from 3:30-5:30. >>See more of what we make
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City Café Bakery Fresh Sour Dough Bread!
BreadSeveral varieties of bread baked fresh daily. >>See more of what we make
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